Villa Doria Pamphili

From: ROg
Category: Other stuff
Date: 10 June 2002


Probably the most beautiful park in Rome. A villa isnotahouse, it is the whole damn thing : Landscapes gardens and summer residence, but actually these terms are pretty confusing. This place is good because you feel the tight control of your experience by its designer. From pine wood , to formal garden, to wilderness, you are surprised and delighted by the proximity of different environments and the excellence of their execution. There are levels, views down and up, allowing you to believe that it might go on forever, or suddenly a skyline shows that you are in the city, not paradise. The sweating runners and cyclists break the dream with their exertion, and snobbery or law prevents the sale of icecreams and sandwiches, but the exclusion of commerce from the spectacle is no bad thing. Go there and wander in the landscape made intellectual.

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