L'emploi du temps (Time Out)

From: Jacob
Category: Films
Date: 14 June 2002


At last an intelligent, subtle study of the effects on identity and social relations of the modern corporate job. Vincent works for a financial services consultancy, has a big car, a beautiful wife and kids, house, caring parents and, rumour has it, is moving to a high profile position in the UN. In fact he was fired a couple of months ago but has continued to live out a pretend working existence to friends and family because his job has taught him that presentation is more important than truth. His work has made him a master of manipulation, of both people and money, and he uses these skills not only to survive materially, by swindling his Father and friends with phoney business ventures, but also mentally, by allowing him to escape the fact that he has no identity outside his work.

Avoid if you're feeling down about work, enjoy if you're brain needs stimulating in the face of World Cup mania.

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