best of David Hasselhoff (album import) june 12 2002

From: Chicky rock (found at Amazon)
Category: Other stuff
Date: 17 June 2002


Beyond the sublime..., June 12, 2002 Reviewer: Chicky Rock from London, UK As a "London fashionista" I am often asked by my less glamorous friends; "I am suffused with ennui...tell me, where is the shock of the new in these cheap post-modern times?". I always grab them by both shoulders, stare into their eyes and say "Darling, you simply must hear 'Looking For-Best of David Hasselhoff [IMPORT]~ David Hasselhoff'- it is a document of our times, a sometimes sombre, sometimes disturbing, sometimes beautiful, but always magical trip through Hasselhoff's intellectual galaxy; a galxy where the constellations are musical ideas of such art- art! darling - and every shimmering glissando is a shooting star, shooting from Hasselhoff's incomparably couiffered mane into you heart, via your quivering pinna (ear, laymen). 'Looking For-Best of David Hasselhoff [IMPORT] ~ David Hasselhoff' is possibly the defining art work of the 20th and 21st centuries. Quite simply- to hear it is to hear God sigh."

Track 6 is particularly good.

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