Re: best of David Hasselhoff (album import) june 12 2002

From: music fan from germany (found at Amazon)
Category: Other stuff
Date: 17 June 2002


this album saved my life!!!

i am 37, and untill recently my child was suffering from a very serious desease, so serious the doctors said he might not make it, i just want people to know how much strengh and joy me and my partner have gained through "Looking For-Best of David Hasselhoff [IMPORT]", we could sit with our son and float away whilst listening to his music, to another, worry free, exotic world, our son was one of david's biggest fan's, watching his movies, he even ask's to have his hair cut like david's when we the hairdresser's. even though our son has now recovered, he had especialy asked for us to play "hot shot city" (which he found particulaly good) at his funeral if he had not been as lucky as he is.

thankyou david, for all your love.

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