Re: best of David Hasselhoff (album import) june 12 2002

From: matty
Category: Other stuff
Date: 17 June 2002


Cast traditional reserve asunder to immerse yourself in enlightened bliss when hearing 'Looking For - Best of David Hasselhoff [Import]', for only then may you then relax within this feast of melodic perfection.

This record overflows with beauty incomprehensible. Each and every one of Hasselhoff's bronzed, Adonis-like pores glows huge with vocal diversity and ability.

He syncopates words into rhythm with hitherto unforeseen subtlety, as track after wonderful track tears into the sensitive flesh of your newly opened soul.

You will be pained and lifted as, from despair to rapture, this album touches every emotion via its heart-reaching lyrics - could they have been penned by God himself? They are delivered with inimitable Hasselhoff clarity, grandeur, passion, and authority.

'Rock Genius', an oft overused term, is only a fitting moniker for this legend of a man. Presley, Hendrix, Bowie, Lennon and Shatner - you have a new and near-perfect sibling - Lord David of Hasselhoff. With these seventeen pieces of wonder, Herr Hasselhoff, you are really spoiling us.

The track Hot Shot City is particularly good.

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