From: sunny
Category: Other stuff
Date: 20 June 2002


A small island near naples, it can be reached by ferry within hour. Lots of large lemoned trees and houses surrounded by big walled gardens. The streets are the spaces between houses, and because of erosion or to promote mystery there are only a few ways to reach the sea, all other roads are dead ends stopping in private property. Small enough to reach anywhere within 20 mins from the centre, it is quite untouristed and calm without claustrophobia. The beaches are thin with black (brown) sand backed by cliffs, the water is mostly shallow, clean and warm. At night the inhabitants dress up and stay up late, making you feel as if in an isolated Madrid. Here you feel North, South, East, and West, the sun rising and setting, the boat leaving and arriving, darkness and brightlight. The harbours are pretty, the people seemingly descended from scots and arabs, the island wealthy and watered without explanation. The sea is the real landscape, the island long civilised, completely bulit, is a perfect model of a society finishing. They smile still.

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