eating rome

From: j
Category: Other stuff
Date: 20 June 2002


in the morning breakfast can be a pastry with chocolate, not fried eggs, in the hot weather you are already cooked. Coffee perhaps and a squeezed orange juice in a bar. The sky is clear blue again and there is nothing to do but enjoy yourself, which is hard work so lunch instead. A buffet is served in the smart bistro called gusto, filled with chattering romans paying 8 euros to join the jet set, cheap really, salads, cous cous etc, not bad, but oh no theres a piece of glass in the mozarella, so all is sent back, and no more can be stomached. A slice of pizza is nice instead, anchovies and red sauce, the simple ones are better. Perhaps a little fried thing to fill the fatted cracks. Before dinner an appetite for an aperatif which will come with some fancy snacks of canape standard to salt your palate. An olive or peanut the minimum you can expect. Then dinner, eaten too much at the wrong times, to manage antipasta, pasta, meat, and pudding, without sleep. perhaps something simple, one course and half a litre of white before bed. No edge left to drink cocktails through the night, should have skipped that sugary brilliant icecream dripping over its cone. Must sleep to eat again.

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