City and Guilds Artschool Degree Show London 2002

From: RS
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 27 June 2002


A friendly student offers you a map and asks you whom you have come to see. More students are drinking wine or beer in the sunshine. Intricate messes of studios, upstairs, and through gardens, offerings of biscuity nibbles, and drinks for friends, in every space (a part of a studio where the student works) stands a hopeful surrounded by their artworks. The quality and range has not changed in fifteen years, perhaps the spectator neither, figurative and abstract, fetish objects, drawings, fear and occasionally a little talent. Too many works crammed into too little space. The cold deadness of bad art, of art shadowing real passion or innovation, or skill, or devotion. Some will be red dotted, one maybe two will make it, somewhere. But here ( the badly guided complacently overstaffed, underinvolved art school with its trite postmodern teaching) is where the rot began and we see so no shoots of spring

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