chris ofili

From: jp
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 02 July 2002


In the upper floor ofili is showing repeated paintings with slight variations. repeated paintings linking ideas such as Warhol and what the market wants, Spanish language, hence a Spanish Caribbean too, i read (i always felt an incredible lack of communication around the world between the Hispanic Caribbean -and its Diaspora- and the English speaking one, although so many features of the culture are common) also ofili maintains his religious interests and character, for whoever is interested. Great paintings, in the end, and that is a truth flying far over any meanings and readings. Downstairs, just the fact of playing with the three colours -charged of meanings and history- of the beautiful pan African flag in invite, painting palette and lighting for the party is an excellent move of painter looking for challenges. New challenges giving future to ofili's work for who thought he could be joining young British shooting stars falling -in painting the fall is not as fast, the rise may be fast but soon slows down- seriality as a challenge, reduction of palette as another one, and sales levels to be kept up as another one

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