why chris ofili is  a bad painter

From: rs
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 04 July 2002


1: Because the paintings are ugly like art school overworkThe dung 2: They are overdecorated objects and have none of the space or freedom of beautiful paintings. 3: The dung is boring 4: The endless markmaking means that you are not allowed to enjoy anything but colured in motifs,obvious colour juxtapositions, and aesthetic overload. Ofili does not trust himself or the viewer to like painting. 5: Painting is art. Art is painting. Decoration is for rich people, mosques, and churches. 6: The upstairs paintings are more ugly than the downsatirs ones becuase of their crass selfimportance. They might be ok if they are meant to be funny. 7: The paintings are made to a formula which means they cannot surprise you.

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