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Date: 08 July 2002


I really think that if God actually exists he must be Catalan and didn't know that just one hour and twenty minutes away from here there was such an amazing place as Barcelona!

We (Daniele and I) got there last friday and spent all day hanging around las ramblas and the area of Barceloneta, just next to the beach. In the evening met up with our friend Pablo who had just arrived from Madrid and reached Ana's place (Pablo's girlfriend) where we met her beautiful sister Cristina.

Saturday afternoon; Daniele and I visiting Gaudý palaces and apartments and the Sagrada Familia...any comment wouldn't be give justice to this Catalan genius!!! Whilst walking in the main shopping streets of the city centre and getting completely dizzy at the sight of two tango dancers performing a nostalgic milonga...get the news from Pablo that they has reserved a table in a nice restaurant in Barceloneta and that the group would be further enriched by the presence of another girl (Cristina's friend) called by the name of Monica.

8.30 pm: Full of excitement and eager to making the acquaitance of the new girl who would later join the Catalan banquet, we get to Ana's place and there she is...Monica...with her silk curly hair hanging down both sides of her forhead, her intriguous eyes always ready to catch any single movement around her, her stunning body housed in a smashing dark dress, her lips...and, least, her way of speaking, quite slowly and with an accent which is a mix of castellano and catalan..waooooo....!

11.30 pm, At a time when in Italy people are watching silly shows on TV and in England are crawling back home after another alchoolic night at the local pub, we get to this restaurant called "El Salero"...nice athmosphere, light only shading from candles...! At the beginning things are still a bit odd with all of us trying to find the right way to relate to each other but then with the help of delicious food and sweet rosado wine we all feel more at ease.

1.00 am; The decision is "let's go for some cubatas". We slowly move through the narrow streets of this old barrio, the girls walking a bit ahead and the three of us commenting and exchanging impressions on what could happen next. The bar we choose is tipically Spanish and rum and wiskey mixed to coke and lemonade lead to the complete release of our inhibitions which in fact pave the way to more intimate, suggestive and allusive conversations.

2.30 am; All of a sudden Ana and Pablo leave, suppose they can make without our company and the remaining four of us decide to continue our idiliac exploration (well, at least for Dino and I) of Barcelona night life in some discos by the old Port. After a long walk during which intimity and carefree seem to be mounting, we think we're better off taking a taxi. Daniele sits at the front, Cristina, Monica and I at the back. You see, this is the sort of chance that only happens once in while, sitting next to an incredibly gorgiuos girl whom you met just a few hours before...All sorts of thoughts cross your mind, you find yourself in total confusion and suddenly everything gets misty and foggy..."shall I secretly reach for her hand or discretely touch it as if it was by chance?" Well this is the sort of dilemma I was going through then and without indulging any further, there is my hand in hers...ehm... "sure, she is gonna politely but firmly pull it off" I think to myself but...."I can't believe it, we are actually holding hands, no...I'm not dreaming, I'm well awake and, to my complete desbilief, this Catalan wonder next to me fancies me holding her hand!!!".

4.15 am; Unfortunately our taxi journey has come to an end, it is time to get out the car and find a nice place to spend the rest of the night. For some reason we have silently entered into a mutual agreement whereby we won't disclose anything to Daniele and Cristina and our hands separate. The disco we find is ok with a nice little terrace overlooking the sandy beach. Fueled by more alchool we have great time dancing all together and from time to time, whenever possible and out of anyone else sight, mine and Monica's hands get together and I get ever more convinced that God is Catalan or at least has Catalan origins.

6.00 am; We are all exhausted and lying by the sea sounds the best idea! As far as I remember, I was 20 when I spent my last night out till dawn...it must have been during my holidays in Greece, yet 8 years ago!! We keep holding hands as we also do when, at 8 am, we are heading to the car. To speak the truth, at this point I don't know whether Daniele and Cristina are just knowingly pretending not to pay attention to our continous reaching for each other hands or if we have done so well that they haven't actually noticed.

2.00 pm; After a four hour sleep I see her again and she is just as beautiful as ever despite the hangover...there is no time now... she has to get ready to go back home and we also have to rush if we wanna go for a last look of the city before taking our plane back to Rome. We have run out of time and perhaps our night out in Barcelona was just a dream after an alchoolic night!


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