Chance and Coincidence afilm by Claude Lalouche

From: RS
Category: Films
Date: 10 July 2002


The directors wife is the tragic heroine whose loved ones keep disappearing in unexplained ways, and whom every man falls in love with near instantly. She is not a killer though, for this film is a funny discourse on chance and obsession. What makes it good is how bad English language films are. Self parodyingly french, everyone talks philosophically and intensely nearly all the time, it even spins french canadians in its web of pseudo seriousness. But it pushes these qualities far enough to redeem them( epigrams were never that bad anyway)and is fast paced and surprising enough to fix your attention on whether it will all end happily. People talking/ some ideas/ amazing that a film could still have these elements. A life of terrible pain is the life most to live. C'est la wee wee. C'est la gerkhin.

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