Radio worldwidereview (from 87.7 FM Riverside Radio) - 13th July show - Cyprus

From: Tony Louki
Category: Reviews of worldwidereview
Date: 14 July 2002


The first worldwidereview radio show, what a success and the pleasure of the charming Ben Taylor as our host with his special cross channel ferry advert music as the signature tune. An in the way Aussie helped cause the interruption of the news a couple of times including the important international newsflash that the Moroccans had successfully landed on hitherto Spanish Parsley Island and renamed it after an Eric Clapton penned hit from the 70s. Crammed inside the temporary "studio within the Studios" with Ben and Engineer, Emma, were Julie Hill, Russell Pask, Donald McDonald,Tony Louki and, Ben's Hank, Josh Ryan Collins. More serious than the serious rival playing at the same time on the "other station" the guests and presenter more than knew their stuff and pitched in. This reviewer was there because the presenter, who is such a nice young man, had asked and because it was almost the eve, two days before, of the anniversary of coup that was the catalyst for the invasion by Turkey of Cyprus in 1974. The story is too big to tell here (or even last Saturday morning) and the size of that story depends on how you're connected with this earlier occupied island in the Mediterranean with a capital city now divided almost as long as Berlin was.

Readers can find out what more there is to Cyprus than being sick in Ayia Napa and pissed up English squaddies crashing their mopeds by checking some of these links:

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