a conundrum

From: Humdrum Meldrum
Category: Other stuff
Date: 15 July 2002


Question: Why are there so many bicycle locks attached to immovable objects in London, without bikes attached?

If this is because skilfull and absurdist thieves pick the locks and steal the bikes but then take the trouble to pick the lock AGAIN to re-lock it, why don't the owners at least keep the lock even though their bike has been stolen?

If this is because abandoned bikes have been removed, why don't the police cut through the lock rather than the entire bike?

Will there come a point when all immovable objects in London are so entirely covered by bike locks that nobody can lock their bikes any more, except by attaching them to other bike locks? A kind of recursive bicycle lock event horizon.

Is somebody going round attaching numerous bike locks to immovable objects BUT KEEPING ALL THE KEYS, so that when this happens they will be able to make off with our locked bikes?

I think we should be told.

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