Fresh Art Islington London UK

From: Anee
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 19 July 2002


beautiful is the change in a city caused by a tube strike, traffic and silence in unexpected places, full overground trains, new routes by exigency. Bring back the seasons of discontent, 5 years under labour's yolk and already we are back to the good bad old days. repetition, tragedy, farce, aestheticized politics, our destruction a blurry joke we don't get. the art at fresh fart was mostly by students and recent graduates exhibiting in a cavernous business design railway station. It was all very bad, or maybe I missed something, something was missing. The artists were shown in stalls forced, by their hopeless ambition, to sit there smiling as the disaster dawned upon them. So much humiliation, so little art, nightmare reproductions of art by famous mediocre artists. The worst part was I watching my life, my memories as an artist.

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