We are evil

From: RS
Category: Other stuff
Date: 26 July 2002


We are evil because we watch people dying preventable deaths on our televisions whilst we eat our plentiful dinners. Like with most great evils, slavery, subjugation of women, nazism, colonisation, we don't recognize we are responsible for the crimes committed by us or on our behalf. We tell ourselves that there is nothing we can do, and that there is nothing to be done, whilst a majority of the world is poor and live short ugly lives. Most of the time children, mothers, adults, men, humans with our desire for happiness, die nasty little deaths we don't mourn and could prevent. Millions die or live shit lives so that we may enjoy comfortable prosperity and happiness. The poor wretched people of the earth are not really human, not our equals, and occupy the same position as slaves, women, jews, peasants, and workers have occupied at various times in history. They are considered worth less than the real people, us rich people, who prosper from their early deaths and general misery. It is an evil we are responsible for, and like all great moral crimes, it is one we mostly ignore. It is an immediate shaming and desperate situation which with the hindsight of history, it will seem incredible that we managed to live with its glaringly obvious existence. As of Germany our children will ask how we did nothing as we saw the jews rounded up , or smelt the smoke from the chimneys. We see people dying in large numbers and we do nothing. By the simple trick of defining ourselves according to nationality we can say that we have only responsibility for out nations or regions, but self evidently it is wrong to live well whilst others die so easily. It is the great moral,individual, and political problem of our time, something everyone should work to solve. The poor of africa, asia, and south america must force us to give them what we have, or we the powerful must recognize them as part of our world and give them what we have. all other alternatives prolong our evil. This is the great revolution to come. In history either the poor take what they want (russian revolution) or the rich give them some of what they they want to expand the number of consumers ( development of western democracies). We do evil and it will be changed. It must change now.

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