London Zoo, Regents Park

From: Frans
Category: Other stuff
Date: 06 August 2002


They said it was the best zoo in the world. It was full of Jews (what is it with Jews and Zoos?) English people (that is ethnic ones,not Londoners), and Foreigners. Not having been to a Zoo since I was a bored child, my responses to the spectacle of rare caged animals surprised me. Looking at them, all in the minimum possible humane habitated enclosures, is degrading to the spectator, faintly pornographic, like lap dancing, and underwhelming. They are only furry things in strange shapes and forms, with lower intelligences than most of us. They are not moving, perhaps because they are depressed, or maybe just because animals don't do much. They are smelly and hide. Many cages are empty or being renovated. The zoo is not like London. There are long queues at crappy overpriced food stalls, groups of Italians sit around eating beans and chips, oiky children out of control, tired and bored, point at monkeys. The architecture is thoughtless mostly, motorway service station meets 195os, and the dumb signs about conservation, flimsy education attempts. The zoo will be finished once we have killed all the animals.

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