Two girls are murdered

From: Angry
Category: Other stuff
Date: 21 August 2002


Two children are abducted and murdered by a lunatic. Is this the most important and newsworthy event in the entire fucking world? Do we need to have weeks of blanket coverage, day after bloody day? Do we want to know the detailed family history of the lunatic and his partner, do we need to know about the misery inflicted on the families and on the 'community' (funny how these tight-knit little communities with vicars where everyone cares suddenly exist when something horrific happens)? Are we interested, or do we falsely and inevitably become interested because we are constantly and remorsely bombarded with information about this event? I don't think newspapers should be allowed to market themselves on the streets any more. Its impinging on our godgiven right not to have our minds poisoned with crap. The murder of these children holds about as much political, economic and historical significance as me writing this rather than working on my statistics problem.

End of rant. That's better. Thank you WWR - you are a great reliever of tension.

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