bratislava Slovakia: a guide for visitors

From: J trooter
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 26 August 2002


bad things: no lamb, bad martinis and gin tonics. Too many Algida( walls icecream) outlets. good things: langos (savoury fried dough with garlic and butter). Schnitzels, sausages, duck, beer, slivowicz. Phonetic language. close to budapest, vienna, prage, brno, danube, slovakia, mountains. Pork. Trains. ambiguous things: goulash, cheapness (economic globalisation guilt) Characteristics of some inhabitants: very slim women in smart skirts with scruffier men. Itinerary:Fly to prague airport which has an open air restaurant and good schnitzels and depressed casinos (all in airport), train to Brno for contemporary art museum and interesting town, then bratislava for cakes, then budapest.

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