From: anon
Category: Other stuff
Date: 05 September 2002


Imagine a lush green speck just past the harbour in a sea of lovely deep blue calm. A tiny forested paradise atop a mirror of midnight blue. No roaring waves, no chattering tourists, no sounds of any sort but the gentle background hum of crickets and birds and a soft splashing as the white boat glides into the old wooden dock to let us slip away.

Two minutes later it is gone and we have slid into a forgotten world of richness and vitality. We feel overwhelmed by the verdant veil that floats into place around us as we gingerly head for the heart of the island. A springy path leads the way and the glittering water scatters diamonds amongst the trees.

The ruins of an ancient monastery bring with them an air of antiquity and tranquillity. A series of rusty cannons defiantly face the sea at the end of a meandering trail. From this height, we can see a glassy surface littered with baubles of different shapes and sizes. Ships, dinghies, ferries, canoes and catamarans draw pictures in the gleaming mass below us. Bright green blobs nestle in the shimmering sea. The mainland sits serenely in the distance, a speckled coastline of colourful architecture and boats of every imaginable hue and form. It is a scene too dazzling to abandon and so we simply stand and dream for a while.

The water is tempting though and, unable to resist the thought of its cool caress, we venture down a new path to discover a quiet bay bordered by a pile of large, flat rocks at one end of it, perfect to lie on, facing out to sea.

The water is wonderful. Refreshing, soothing and exciting all at the same time. Invigorated, we become playful and fool around for a bit, pulling, pushing, tumbling round wildly like two crazy kittens with a shuttlecock. Fresh sandwiches for lunch and several ripe juicy nectarines follow.

Full and relaxed, we stretch out on the rocks to bathe in the mellow sunlight of a late summer afternoon. Lying side by side, a spontaneous soft touch blooms into a passionate kiss and we hold each other tightly. Hurriedly clambering to a warm patch of grass nearby we let ourselves fall into it in an ardent embrace. We make love. Exquisite sweetness under a sky with swirls of white on blue it feels as if we are trapped in a bubble of eternity. Afterwards we lie intertwined as evening comes and the sun sinks to a fiery ball poised to plunge all into darkness.

The white boat returns. It soon renders our islet an ever-fainter growing shadow in the inky blackness. But we are happy.

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