Re: Lucien Freud July 2002

From: Dan Watson
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 19 September 2002


I recently went to see an exhibition of Freud's work at Tate Britain. Although it did very little for me I have been forced to see his work from other people's perspectives as well as my own. This is because I am an A-level art student and subsequently my opinions on his work have changed. I originally thought that his paintings were depressing, sad and grotesque visions of the human form. I have since realised that the images he has produced are really quite fascinating. He portrays emotion in a way that very few others can. You mentioned the portraits of Bruce Bernhart. In my opinion Freud's representations of this man are deeply accurate. He is made to look edgy and nervous about where he is. The viewer is able to get a real sense of the turmultuous emotions inside of the "sitter". These opinions are only my own but I thought I should point out that after some study and viewing his work from a different perspective views can be changed. Dan Watson

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