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Date: 20 September 2002


What a darn minute....

I recently heard former President Clinton state that if Iraq invaded Israel "I would personally get in a ditch, grab a rifle, and fight, and die". Is Mr Bill Clinton feeling well?

One must wonder why would he say anything like that, notwithstanding obvious gravelling to Jewish supporters.

Of the people that I speak with in business and social circles, we agree that although the State of Israel, a sovereign foreign country, is our ally, this foreign country has never really done anything for the average United States citizen...nothing. I can find nothing in even a high school history textbook that supports the notion that any Israeli citizen or soldier has died defending the United States of America in any global or regional conflict. Contrarily, our US politicians freely and willingly place our citizens and young soldiers in harm's way to defend this foreign country from which with receive very very little...other than grief....literally.

Additionally, the citizens of the United States "give" (as in "free") the State of Israel and its approximately only 8 million citizens about 3 to 4 BILLION dollars each year (you can do the math per capita). The loud "sucking sound" a la "Perotspeak" is coming from a country the size of New Jersey, thousands of miles away. The US has about 250 million people consisting of approximately 27 million African Americans, an equal amount and growing, of Hispanics, 4 million or so of Asians, approximately 8 million Jewish Americans, 3 million or so truly "Native Americans", a growing amount of multi-racial Americans, and the remainder are essentially white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant and Catholic Americans.

The question is what would Mr Clinton be "dying for", because I know of no Israeli that has died for, or that would die for, say for example a Cuban attempting to free the oppressive regime of Castro to join his family in the US, or a Protestant in Northern Ireland or Great Britain , another valued ally of the United States.

Mr Clinton is the ultimate victim of a "snow job" and manipulation by a foreign country. Is he willing to "get in a ditch, grab a rifle, and fight and die" for Catholic Cubans if China invaded the island of Cuba 90 miles off the shore of Florida? What about if China invaded Taiwan, our important military and economic ally in the East?

What we have here is a sociogeopoltical "one way street".

Clearly, Cuba and Taiwan have strategic and economic importance to the US. What then is so important about Israel that would precipitate Mr Clinton's "death". The average US citizen receives nothing from the State of Israel that the US can not live without...nothing. It has no oil, no natural gas, essentially no heavy manufacturing, no raw materials notwithstanding exporting "potash" (fertilizer....which may be appropriate) around the world.

Mr Clinton must feel that Israel is "his child", because that's the only entity I know of that most individuals would "volunteer" their lives for. Let's get something straight. A foreign country named Israel is not the "ward" of the United States of America. As a country, we don't owe Israel anything, other than our continued friendship and support. The citizens of the United States have absolutely no history in the abuse of Israelis or Jews in Europe and more importantly not in the United States.....but we behave as though we have some sort of guilt complex....thus we must "sacrifice" ourselves for the "Israeli cause". What?

Former President Clinton is sending the wrong message to the citizens of the United States. That message is that the State of Israel, a sovereign foreign country, is more important than any other sovereign country on the planet...and the only other country that agrees with him is in fact Israel itself.

When we start believing that, then we have capitulated our own sovereignty, national identity, and common sense.

I hope that the "infection", thus delirium that former President Clinton is suffering from does not spread into the minds of other objective, thinking, and truly patriotic American citizens.

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