EQUESTRIA RESTAURANT, Germantown Tn...a dead tired horse?

Category: Other stuff
Date: 20 September 2002


Going to Memphis...dining out?? WELL, read this: Upon moving from Sarasota, everyone suggested that I "must" try "Equestria"...well.. I have. While I am reticent to judge the quality of any restaurant on three visits, I find the "experience" a bit lacking and frankly, a bit over-rated based on my experience. One good thing is the decor...it's very well done. The steak was advertised as "prime grade", but I found it lacking in tenderness, and it was "chewy". The "crab cakeS" actually were a singular, crab cake which was a bit dry. The salads lacked the crispness associated with such a nice presentation. The bread was served cold (I can't imagine that this was by design but perhaps so). The service seemed tentative, immature and more indicative of perhaps a "chain type theme restaurant" as opposed to a "fine dining" experience. The male "manager" on duty handled a complaint extremely poorly...in fact he seems far too confrontational for such an alleged fine dining, highly touted Memphis restaurant. The female bartender on duty seemed out of her element and perhaps more suited to a casual, say "Chili's" clientele. In summary, I hope to have a better experience in the future. The quality does not seem to support a rather nice ambiance. I'm still trying to locate a well above average restaurant in "Germantown"(area) that reflects its alleged, affluent, and informed taste. So far, I have only had well above average (in fact two great meals) at an east side resturant named "Jarretts". The Chef Valerie Morris called this review "vindictive" and wants to sue

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