Re: painting and writing

From: J
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 24 September 2002


See the book Impressionism: Painting Quickly in France< National Gallery for the merits of bravura painting. You don't know nothing about painting, practice is a necessary adjunct to talent, but Velazquez often painted the whole damn thing in one go, not reworking it. Because of the indoctrination of capitalism you cannot separate labour from value. What you see is what you get, the beauty of painting is that it can be many things, and cannot be reduced to simplistic formulae, it escapes the stupidity of the reductive, and perhaps thjat is why it does not flourish now. I repeat it is not mere labour, repetition, or reworking. Each generation thinks new painting looks unfinished ( from the critics of constable to those of cezanne) this particular criticism invariably siginifies that the paintings are new and good. So thank you for your compliments of my paintings.

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