barnett Newman at The Tate Modern London 2002

From: Jahangir
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 12 October 2002


Such a huge big tragic terrible joke about the failure of our culture and bold hopes. You see ( praps it was the wrong day) the show was empty, just a few souls, a fragment of the audience for matissepicasso, and the paintings were forlorn with their grandiose tags and big man painter quotes. They're good paintings, but good painting is boring now, painting is boring, abstract serious paintings are meaningless to us barbarians, we need subject and irony and context and entertainment, not stripy variations with barnett newman signatures on the front. We cant believe that this crap can have any meaning, could communicate much now, how could it, or if it did it would just be vulgar new age spirituality, not the high art metaphysicism that they thought about. Its over.

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