Phil Collins

From: mrjoe
Category: Other stuff
Date: 05 November 2002


I mean, who is this man? Who buys his records? And who would want to shag the bastard?

Phil collins, former Genesis drummer, vocalist (after nutter Gabriel left the band) and general strange short man. I guess my complaint against this man come mainly from his music. No Jacket Required is a required album of any thirty-something astra/focus drving middle manager(a group of people I could write a fantastic 'review' of given the time and the webspace). Its soul-less rubbish, I mean, In The Air tonight, seeing someone dying and not helping them , poigniant, apparently true, Collins (I love refering to celebs by the surname, it brings the PE teacher out in me, but I digress...) actually he was invloved in some incident like this, seeing someone drowning and being unable/umwilling to rescue them (well, he's no David Hasselhoff is he?)

As for Another Day in Paradise, about homeless people apparently (see the irony in the title, brilliant Collins, brilliant!). The video sees Collins walking around the streets of London observing the sad little lives of these people , attempting to preach to his 'fans' about their plight. Please Collins, keep it light! I mean your average astra/focus driver probably would know what the big issue was let alone have ever bought a copy.

AND FINALLY... Collins once dumped his girlfriend/wife by fax. I mean by FAX? who in this world still uses a fax machine? who ever really did? Ah, astra/focus driving middlemangers I here you cry, well, yes I guess they probably do.

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