Reality Check 14 Wharf Road London UK

From: RS
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 08 November 2002


A survey of youngBritish photography now. What a hidous phrase youngBritish has become through overuse, it conjures up an image of an unstoppable juggeranut dressed in denim, conquering the world with its superior irony, all pale skin and hand rolled cigarettes. But like the first colonialism, it is not without its redeeming features, and in many ways better than what existed before it.

For example Dave Shrigley in this show exhibits quite humourous and appealing art, much better than his dry solo at The Camden Arts Centre. He is easily the best here. Keith, iron Mike, Tyson delivers more bombastic irony. Like listening to a drunk telling you some clever theory, he menaces your uninterest, but can't be dismissed as you never know whether he's joking. There are some sex pieces,who at least have interesting subjects, one with an annoying voice doing the voice over in portentous tones. Saskia olde Wolbers delivers the worst sound track though with her futuristic nonsense, which for no longer than a second can I engage with. Elsewhere there are the usual categories: big snapshots, deadpan passport photos, and multiscreen projections. It's all below par and dodo dead. Luke Gottelier's pictures could be likeable but are much too careful. And there are three floors of it in the cold rain next to ms Miro. Not a coup de grace.

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