Re: Peter Doig at the Victoria Miro Gallery (11th of November 2002)

From: Olivia Rush
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 11 November 2002


In the context of my Peter Doig review I would define those terms in the floow way. Modern Art: Art after about 1900 i.e after the invention of photography and when non-realistic painting begins to emerge. All the ideas of modern art are available once artists use any objects they like to be art and when abstract painting becoems common.

Real art can be viewed in most major national collection such as The National Gallery. It is rarely made, and thus always seems impossible to conceive of in any age. Real art is extremely diverse, it is easier to cite an example of ral art than to define it. Difficult art: this is art which does not fit easily into its period, which does nor appeal to fashion or the ignorant, which causes the viewer to question their assumptions of value. Difficult art is real art before it has entered history, or real art if you look at it ignoring its subject or museum context. Difficult art is out of place often