The Elerctricity Showrooms Hoxton Square London

From: RB
Category: Other stuff
Date: 15 November 2002


Walked past the striking firefighters, incongruously warming themselves by a flaming brazier, later their actions would mean I couldn't get home by tube, so had to drink some more, will send them the bill for my taxi. They're playing with fire, do they think that we live in a communist command economy where people are paid what the dictatorship of sentimentalists decides. Get Real, they get what they get because that's what the labour market determines, given so many people want to do their job they could probably be paid less, and the money spent on our other favourites: nurses, doctors, and dogs. Anyway this bar is ok, with an ugly restaurant that you walk through to get to the toilet. But the salt and pepper calamari were top quality and delicious. Even the awfully titled neals yard cheese plate was ok. Never had a martini there so be careful.