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From: alan stein
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 18 November 2002


Why would any reasonable patriot defend Israel...we in the United States should put the interests of the US before Israel, but it appears that we are acting as Israel "proxy",,rather than the other way around...Israel is somewhat of of what...why do behave like we "OWE ISRAEL" something...they have nothing, nada, zilch, that the US can not live without...

Israel has bamboozled the US, Chritians, Jews, Moslems etc into acting like Israel is the "ward of the United States"....that't truly offensive...we did not commit atrocities on Jews, Germany did.

Jews constitute only 5.5mm of the 250mm people in the United States, Jews also have split loyalties, they are the only group who is permitted to seek, obtain, and use dual National Identities"...thus they have by definition diluted loyalties to the United States of America...most put loyalty to Israel "on Par" or "above" the interests of the United can't serve "two masters"...but why do we allow this? when the same rights are not granted to Irish Catholics, or Roman Catholic Cuban immigrants?

When Israel claims to be democratic it's true, but to any Jew, "democracy" connotes "capitalism", and "profit", and "money"..."democracy" is only a vehicle to pursue economic advantage, thus influence and maybe even dominance over others.

The United States should wake up, Israel is going to get us in the biggest "trick bag" this world has ever seen....through there self-aggrandizing, zionist pursuit not only to dominate thought and economics, but to establish the Third Temple....and you think Moslems are fanatics? You should listen to some of the conversations I have even within my own family....and my business associates are even worse!

Let's see who's screwing who: Boesky, Milken, Kaslowsky, Winnick, Fastow, Myers, etc etc etc...all American Jews...but so is Alan Greenspan (and his wife Andresa Mithell of ABC News) the picture yet?? If you don't, you deserve to be in the path of the "Jewish conspiratorial steamroller".....where are the other 200 MILLION other US citizens? dead asleep

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