canterbury tales by pier paolo pasolini

From: petka
Category: Films
Date: 20 November 2002


used to think that pasolini past as a hero just cause of comunist. yesterday got hope in generalgenium again. got 2, payed one. Ambiguity. -His ability being clear and difficult, simplystupid and highly soffisticated at the same time. here are many different labels of what u can get there. Mostly it is narrated through kind of retro-didattic immage,- First tale (foresmp), about young girl-old man is epic and beauutiful like painting by Botticelli- where are 4 scenes of the Story of Nastagio degli Onesti from Bocaccios Decameron, and it is very moralistic-fairy and gut retoric. it can also remind Mr. Greenaways garden of campton house, And than it is full of historical sensations, they can be wrong as well, like gothic romans and romantics are but they´re full of passion. I like these reeeialy tales!!!!!!!!!!!!

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