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Category: Exhibitions
Date: 23 November 2002


br.Embassy-the new (from july 2002) is that even before you aply for visa and you are interviewed you pay 30 pounds (here it is a lot of money-1/3 of standard month incom) you pay also even you don´t get anyvisa than (everywhere around the office hang the posters saying that), come early morning otherwice dont get the time ticket, than few of aplayers can sit down inside the waiter room, controlled by policeman (walks up-down like in circus cage-a dresurman) you can move from the chair to chair carrefully, - everybody whispers, stoicly umiliating - than you naturaly ask if you need to go in toilet too, than will be your number called - 1) by cashier consign the money, 2) by administrator consign all your material-invitation letter, passport fotocopy of person who invites you,my parents bank account, translated official paper that i am the owner of the propriety-flat (not necessary but better if), am lucky to study in eu country-so i have eu permiss tostay,...ect.- the questions (if invited) usually are- for how long, my money, my parents job, why am here if i study somewhere els, when am getting back there, getting back here, going in great br. again. what kind of relationship i have to british person which invites me, his money, job...-displaying with a power of great country, interwieving you feel worried, guilty, thanmostly just angry and miserable. why this? visa is obligatory in any kind of visit even for few days... (other eu countries you need visa just for more than year if study or work, as a tourist u canbe without it for 3 months) Br.embassy- the new are also new funnysuspicious cabines called A, B (i didnt have that pleasure, even i thought it is WC) they serve for the ´last chance?! interviewes´ (the people which didn´t answered well 1st time, stay longer..) reminded gestapo movies, mirror, light in to the face. Anyway if lucky you are, feel grandious till you get on stansted airport and controllers have the doubts again about your innocence. Epilogue-the facts- G.B. is unic from Europe (EU) where is the visa obliggation for my nation even if short visit. (British citizen doesn´t need to have any visa here now, in the time when the visa used to be obligatory, wore-gratis- free).why visa for us? Not cause of illegal work, not cause of miserie, but it is because Great antiracist Britain decided that gipsies is better to keep where they are even they ask for asyl- look causa organised emigration of gipsies 97-98 to gb. when gb made this anti racist?! visa solution.