Why I hate Christmas

From: RR
Category: Other stuff
Date: 28 November 2002


Because it is a forced moment of commonality. There is nothing worse than being told to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. On the day itself the shops are closed and transport irregular. Every year it is the same, repetition is for the stupid. Christmas is the lowest expression of humanity, a leftover which should be binned, good will to all starving men and women of Africa as we stuff our faces and lavish each other with our sad gifts of misunderstanding each others needs. The only hope is to spend the day in self loathing fury making an effort to be as hateful as you can, then only then, might you break out of your awful conformity. Gather together and be miserable with those you misunderstand, tantrums and stomach aches and drunkness to y'all. Merry XXXmas.

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