Re: "EQUESTRIA RESTAURANT"  in Germantown, TN (Memphis)..a dead h...

From: chef Valerie
Category: Reviews of worldwidereview
Date: 29 November 2002


Again, Since Mr. Andre Rouseau choosed to continue to write reviews on every site he possibly can. I again will say that a simple review or dislike is normal behavior. This person is obsessed, he has written 28 reviews on various sites concerning Equestria. He has written over 30 negative and non complimentary reviews on other restaurants in the Shelby County, Memphis Germantown Area. Equestria has offered a gift certificate for his dislikes, a simple apology and he won't let up. I believe he likes to hear himself write, talk and enjoys the game of harrassment. I hope that he finds happiness somewhere, he obviously enjoys the negative energy he exudes. It is true that I asked him to cease his remarks.....he now has other restaurants upset with him as well..... I wish him no ill will...just to let it go, as I've requested of him....and not to come back to Equestria. He is not welcome there.

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