boredom of the artist as nearly middle aged

From: BS
Category: Other stuff
Date: 30 November 2002


Boredom, you lie or sit around all day semiconscious in an overheated apartment in the middle of nowhere. You're not too poor to go out, you're not sick, you're not even hungry, you're not really waiting for anything, the post arrived eight hours ago and still you do nothing. You're waiting to catch a wave. Disgust, self loathing, a fluid thought, a flicker of life on the tv, will lift you into action, make you make art. No busy bee rushing and commuting and talking all the time can be an artist. Time wasted is an investment for the future of clear moments and the precise execution of the motions that become art. Dissipation is the rocket fuel of creative achievement. The artist who goes to their studio, block full of other losers, every morning at 10am to report to duty listening to the radio and drinking tea is fooling their self that a worker's schedule is equal to making good work. No! Many hours of tv, days of reading and sleeping, masturbation and overeating, are the only methods I know of unleashing the animal genius inside. Make every day your greatest day.

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