The Central Line, from Leyton/Leytonstone, evryday during opening hours

From: Remi
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 06 December 2002


Put your ticket through the ticket barrier. They are sold at highly competitive prices. You can even ask your landlady for one. Walk up the stairs. Look up and down the platform, look over your shoulder, arrange for some reading matter. Search for eyes, for the eyes that are neither friend nor foe, but who merely look into the radial muscles. Let them contract, let them slack. Lean back as the train comes ointo the station. Choose a carriage with not too many people. But if you're a chilly one, the more the merrier. You might even get a kiss, but this is rare. Avoid novels, they confuse and lament. Either feel your pulse or the person sitting next to you. Believe me, they'll give you the kiss of life.

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