Eyre Brothers Restaurant Leonard Street Uk

From: JJ
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 09 December 2002


The maitre'd looked like a depressed curator, but found us a table we would be allowed to occupy until 9pm. They make you feel like you're privileged to be able to pay them to feed you something, all they are are an overpriced Mcdonalds but c'est la vie. The food was better than average: strongly flavoured and nearly as good as home cooking. Starters: salt cod on toast with anchovies and a soft boiled egg ( served a bit cold) and duck terrine with toast.Then I had goose and she had steak, an inversion of our normal values. The steak had a piquant sauce, rather cold again potatoes, was a good piece of meat though cooked accurately. Tasty is what they do. The goose was very fatty with sliced potties and pancetta. I loved it. Could have been a bigger portion. Finished on puddings: a chocolate surprise for the ladies and a walnut pudding. Sugar rushes without sophistication. Portuguese red came in a nice bottle. Mr Curator told us we could stay another hour. The atmosphere was peculiar, lots of common young people not used to restaurants enjoying the experience subduedly. Refreshing. 85 for two.

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