Why women fall in love, and why men fail in love

From: Ruth
Category: Other stuff
Date: 09 December 2002


The man in general finds it easier to orgasm during sexual intercourse with the woman. Before orgasm the man or woman feels great love and overwhelming desire for their partner. After orgasm their is a sense of anticlimax and disgust with the frail human they find in front of them, love is dispelled by the release of sperm or the shudder of the vagina. I premised this article with the fact that woman have fewer orgasms than their men, who nearly always climax during penetrative sex. Thus women release or dispel love less often, cumulatively retaining more love for their men. Men release their love easily and are disgusted more often, thus quickly falling out of love. Women are not more sentimental than men they are just less easily satisfied.

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