Takashi Murakami at The Sepentine Gallery Uk

From: RS
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 11 December 2002


This is what our renaissance will look like. It appeals in its all encompassing vision and harnessing of group labour. I walked in and thought what's this cartoony Japanese shit. But then the enormous paintings caught my eye, I admired their intricate detail and overall composition, I wanted to understand how he produced such perfect surfaces on such a scale, what masking tape did he use. It seemed that by extending a puny method and subject to an absurd heights you could create good art. This man is a superman, his will is triumphant. I envisaged an individual artist painting beyond pain. I had walked past both the brilliant video and acknowledgments of his production team. He, like all masters, has a team of people doing his work. It doesn't matter but it makes it less amazing. With history the spell will return.

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