Re: Why women fall in love, and why men fail in love 14/12/02

From: samantha
Category: Other stuff
Date: 14 December 2002


There is no logic to love. Therefore no amount of biological, scientific or other explanations suffice and there are several glaring flaws within Ruth’s theory. In the first instance, the woman or man may not feel great love for their partner, perhaps not even overwhelming desire, rather, the overwhelming desire to have sex. Secondly, the orgasm does not necessarily result in anticlimax or disgust, if the initial objective was to relieve oneself of the urge then surely relief and achievement is comparable to running a marathon, a heightened awareness of oneself, mentally and physically. I am always falling in and out of love, sometimes several times within one day. Am I a repressed man trapped in a woman’s body???? It is precisely because of such generalizations about men and women that freedom is denied to women and the word slag does not have a masculine equivalent. Women can be satisified easily, if the man knows what he is doing.

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