Shiraz, Persia.  about Amira

From: Emir
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 15 December 2002


I am a 25 year-old Medical student in Shiraz university in Iran and I am unattached but would like to get to know someone in my circle of friends called Amira. Her surname roughly translates as All Mosque.She is most attractive to the eye and to the mind and the small but valuable time I have spent with her was very restive for my soul. I think she is related to a great Mufti. But that doesn't concern me as I am not planning on having an arranged marriage. But I am a little confused as to my relationship with her as my friends keep telling me different things as to her consideration of me. Needless to say, my consideration of Amira is of the highest calibre and would not dishonour her in the eyes of her father or brothers. Uncertainty breeds mainy ailments, so they teach us here in the hospital therefore i must approach Amira and make sure she knows my good intentions. I wonder if she would like the Zorastrian restuarant on Casbah street. What suggestions do you have, readers?