A Film The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

From: Jasper
Category: Films
Date: 21 December 2002


This is a good film. The first one was boring because it was just some people wandering across the screen. The Two Towers is much better because it has a story that builds up making you really root for the good guys. There are so many special effects that you mostly stop noticing the difference between the digital and the physical, and even the repugnant and obvious ET rip-off, gollum is good, his face fills the screen marvellously. As I went to sleep my head remained filled with Tree Ents (hurry up and save the world you want to shout) and elves, and that is a good thing. The moral of the story: the destruction of the diversity of creatures by the evil industrialising orcs forging swords in their satanic mills, sad sighs speaking of our time is ending, now is the time of men, is very reactionary and that is not good. Progress is evil and black and kills trees. Yet Tolkien forgot as he smoked his pipe that Real History is about Blue eyed white men hacking and liqidating Jews, Native Americans, Africans, rain forests and the like.

But be young again and dream of battles, castles ,princesses,archers, morality as exciting things to live one day or as what we miss from our misty past.

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