Durer At The British Musem London

From: Ralf Boden
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 23 December 2002


This is one of my favourite places to go when I am in London. Free to enter, even for us foreigners, though this special exhibition cost six pounds to visit. Durer is really great, with his complex allegories and fine pen, he brings to life a gamut of creatures, including conjoined twins, walruses, rhinos, and humans. I think Durer was good because he could draw the finest blade of grass over and over again, and then really capture the expression on someones face, or the way a castle looked. For all his observational brilliance, and he stylizes much less than his contemporaries making his work seem fresh, his theories of aesthetics led him astray in later years, and his drawings of naked women are confused. The exhibtion walls were like a hall of mirrors. The Great Durer draws dogs well. Go see.