Christmas Day 2002 London England

From: JJ
Category: Other stuff
Date: 25 December 2002


We are like a captain on a long voyage, lying in his cabin, day 57 at sea. This is the shitty city. I hate Christmas. Every time I feel its collective pull, some smug asshole on the tv assuming I am celebrating or shops closing at 5pm, a hatred wells up inside of me and I must reject this herdish infamy. No presents that I can't buy myself, the plutocrat in the slay died before I was conscious, the tree will make a mess of needles to pierce my dirty feet, and the overdose of feasting give me a headache sending me to bed early. If only I could wake up and it would be January 2nd. The City confines it's Christmas to private homes and a few sad churches for the pompous pious, the pubs will fill when they can, but without the bustle of capitalism there is no reason.