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Art Fair 2003 London, Upper St., Islington   14/1/03

From: Bet Noir
Category: Exhibitions
Date: 17 January 2003


Bet Noir at the Private Views

Tue 14 Jan Art Fair 2003 London, Upper St., Islington

Walking into the cavernous space of the former agricultural hall for the charity preview night, feeling lost you ask yourself where to first? How do you negotiate a path through so much assembled art. Me and my companion looked to one another for a possible suggestion, when the answer came in the guise of the former Deputy Head of the Conservative party, the Rt. Hon Michael Heseltine and his lady wife. We decided that they would be our guides through the quagmire of assembled Art. First stop then was Marlborough Gallery. We were surprised to see the attendant staff ignore Mr and Mrs Heseltine who soon moved on to the Beaux Art Gallery. After examining something by Frink or one of a number of Chadwicks, they were finally approached by eager to please staff. At last poor things. This is after all no less than Britain’s ‘Lost’ Prime Minister they are dealing with. Bumping into media personality Jon Snow at the Flowers Gallery stand, the friends chatted and were joined by Anabel H. We had no time to hang around so we hooked up with Ethrington Smith who galloped us back to her Art Review stand. Abandoning us for a meeting with K. Saatchi (former first wife of the art impresario C. Saatchi) we were left to wonder round the StArt annex, of ‘new’ galleries which seemed the same as last year, except for a for a few fatalities, Alfred Camp for instance. Saying ‘Hi/goodbye to Tracey Eminem, Suzanne Moore (journalist) and Dougie Fields (Painter), as we searched hi and low for the elusive champagne we headed off. With no White Cube, Sadie Coles, Victoria Miro, Modern Art or Houldsworth showing this year and nothing American or International, not to mention the absence of video or significant sculpture, one is left thinking there is something more than a little conservative at the London 2003 Contemporary Art Fair

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Bet Noir

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