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World's Biggest peace Demo -- Two Million in Vermont

From: Tiresias
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Date: 16 February 2003


No it’s neither a typo nor a lie.

Nor is it the number of people who turned up at the Burlington (Vermont) city hall park on Saturday, braving temperatures that almost literally froze off about 400 asses (and arses) – about minus 20 C.

Two million is, however, the number of people who – in one week -- accessed the website of the organizers: Patriots for Peace. Check out this organization (at

It’s one of those strangely American phenomena, one of those things that make this country perhaps worth fighting for – established by people with no political connections, no money, just a sudden insight that, if we are to stop an apparently inexorable drive to war, we the people need to fight the “selected” American President and his gunmen. Only a couple of months old, Patriots for Peace had two million hits on its website after one of its founders appeared recently on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Making Saturday’s demo in Burlington Vermont the biggest in the world!


Go to this website!


Download their poster (“Spread Peace Visibly. Everywhere!”) and display it!!!

Get over you Brit cynicism about patriotism being the last refuge of the scoundrel.

With your support, these “patriots” could still stop the war.


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