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Re: The demonstrations In London against War in Iraq

Category: Exhibitions
Date: 17 February 2003


If you seek revolution, then revolt. Your mind is organised and in a heirerarchical state. Why not unleash anarchy upon it with a gun, you unwittingly middle classed imbecile. You mindless cyst of our times, thrill seeking self indulgent fool. When the last stone is thrown, when the last head smashed and the last window shattered...will you make a better world? What hope have your children...I hope you have none, for I pity their twisted futures. You selfish, foolish, dimwitted, bourgois of the 21st century. Read a book before you preach the burning of them. Fascist pig of this time you are indeed.

Hardened anarchist my ass. Bitter loser, attempting to redress the balance of a miserable life of insignificance and under achievement in a thin veil of political gel. It doesn't stick, you prick. Go and pick some flowers, relax a little why not. Don't you realise you sound like a complete snob, or that you are not so individual at all. Just another prick being played by the mechanisms of our time. Who tells you where to go and riot eh? Who are the people really organising your anarchist meetings? No to war for the sake of lives saved, yes to war for a free Iraq, no to war so America dies within 10 years without Iraqi oil. Yes to war so we have a terror campaign that will wipe out our anarchist friend's family. Then see how you like your ripped up cobblestones as they're being thrown through your bedroom window and crush the skull of your child. Anarchy on your life, you pox. May your mind unwravel as you wish the lives of others to. Enshalla.

Violence is ignorant.

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