the state of affairs, here, and abroad

From: Mark Dodds, The Sun and Doves, Camberwell, London
Category: Reviews of worldwidereview
Date: 19 February 2003


It's refreshing. This is not in any way a review. More an observation.

The world is flawed, full of bullshit and senseless rubbish. Trite, loose, poorly thought out, largely inane and not working very well.

This site, whilst being a great idea, appears to be a reflection of the reality we've made for ourselves.

It's interesting that people find it hard to say what they think without being derogoratory. It's easy to criticise, easy to be vitriolic, much easier than to be or do Anything Positive.

It's nice that people who apparently consider themselves anarchist should choose to write a 'review' of any description and decide to remain anonymous. Unaccountable then for their views, no one can get back to them, and they can forget they had a hiatus moment on a website.

SO review away, do little meaningful or useful with your life, criticise without construction, fool yourself you know better, that you are better, pretend you hate everything and everyone without ever taking the time to find out you actually hate only yourself and... so looking forward to this joining the list.