Antiwar letter to Tony Blair

From: JasperJoffe
Category: Other stuff
Date: 27 February 2003


I sent this to Mr Blair today. If his office has to open a million antiwar letters perhaps he will listen. Please write and send your own letter to Mr Blair or use mine with any adaptations you like.

27 February 2003

Tony Blair 10 Downing Street London SW1A 2AA

Dear Mr Blair,

I write to you because itís the only way I can think of to try to make you listen. I do not want Britain to attack Iraq. I think it is wrong for us to make war against a country that has not attacked us or any other countries since 1990, and that poses no immediate threat to the world.

Some reasons why I think we should not attack Iraq:

∑ Because you have not made a convincing case for war.

∑ Killing many thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians will not make the world more peaceful. It is morally wrong to kill these people.

∑ There seems to be no coherent plan as to what will happen once Iraq is occupied. Afghanistan sets a bad precedent for trying to create a democratic nation by force.

∑ Attacking Iraq is unlikely to make us safer from terrorism. It seems more likely to make people hate America and Britain, and ready to support or become terrorists.

∑ There is no evidence to suggest that Iraq has provided or will provide weapons of mass destruction to terrorists.

∑ There is no obvious or urgent need to disarm Iraq by force. It is more risky to invade a country than to use diplomacy to disarm it.

∑ I think a priority of our government should be to protect the people of Britain from terrorists, for example Al Qaeda, and that war against Iraq will distract from this purpose.

I hope you will listen to the people who elected you to represent them. The million who marched through London probably have many different reasons for why they are against the invasion of Iraq. But in our hearts we just feel that is the wrong thing to do. Please donít attack Iraq in my name.

Yours sincerely

Jasper Joffe