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You're very wrong

From: JJ
Category: Other stuff
Date: 06 March 2003


I tire of pointing out that the second world war is totally irrelevant as a point of comparison, why not compare Iraq war to imperialist wars of aggression to secure valuable commodities. You might have more fun. The allies did not attack Germany and Japan to make them democracies, they fought them in defence. The axix powers were relatively coherent political entities and thus postwar democratic nation building was possible. No case for war: the case is so insubstantial, just rhetoric about war being peace, that it can be referred to as no case.It's insubstantiality can be judged by its mass rejection on countries without brainwashed patriotic populations i.e everywhere but America.

Lack of coherent plan for post war: in democracies you might expect any plans to be presented to the voters rather than us just trusting our wise masters.

What if diplomacy doesn't work? Examine your premises. work to do what? disarm Iraq. Who says this is the most urgent problem in the world requiring war? Bush and Blair alone.

Weakness invites attacks. America the only superpower was attacked on september 11, not belgium.

No proof of al quaeda/ saddam link: one report in a french newspaper is all you can manage.

I suggest you try to imagine yourself as anything but an American, perhaps an Iraqi, and then think how you would be facing this war, probably not with your cowardly belligerence. and tell maria, whover she is , to make her own arguments.

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